Boxee Box Reviewed

Boxee Box

If you were one of the folks disappointed to hear that Boxee has hit the end of the road on PCs and thinking that maybe it’s time to consider moving to D-Link’s Boxee Box, then a fresh review might be in order. The Boxee 1.5 update is still in limited beta for the Boxee Box, but even in its current form the Boxee Box is one of the more versatile media streamers on the market and there is the forthcoming Boxee Live TV add-on to look forward to. Plus, the remote is still pretty cool.

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In theory and on paper the Boxee Box look great but the reality is that the software just isn’t ready. Boxee INC. states that they are committed to do major updates twice a year with multiple small updates in between, so this is a device full of potential that will become very powerful once the issues are dealt with and the content is available.

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