LAV Filters Add Intel QuickSync Support

Until recently, proper support for hardware accelerated decoding on Intel GPUs has been missing from the Free Open Source Software (FOSS) community.  Eric Gur added the feature to ffdshow a few months ago, but for those who have transitioned to nevcairiel’s LAV Filters because of the greater stability offered by his codecs that didn’t offer a real solution to the problem, until now.

I haven’t had a chance to test it out, but given the success I’ve had with Eric’s ffdshow implementation (reused here) and the LAV Filters in general, I don’t expect too many showstoppers. Kudos to both! We thank you 🙂

LAV Filters 0.44

LAV Splitter
- Fixed a seeking regression in the mkv demuxer introduced in 0.43
- Fixed a bug that caused stream descriptions to vanish after the file finished playing
- Improved playback of WMVA video with commercial decoders
- Added support for the new OpenType MIME type produced by mkvtoolnix > 5.2.0

LAV Audio
- Fixed LATM AAC playback with some source filters

LAV Video
- Added Intel QuickSync hardware decoder
- Added support for YADIF with hardware decoding
- Added support for Dirac decoding
- Added support for DNxHD decoding
- Added support for v210/v410 output
- Improved dynamic reconnection with post-processing filters
- Fixed a seeking related corruption issue with MPEG4-ASP



  • After ignoring Cinavia for

    After ignoring Cinavia for quite a while, and ripping ISO’s ….LAV Filters came into my life today!

    I am (was about) to spend $1400 on a new server, but want to make sure I “need” the hard drive space.

    So today was my first venture into MKV

    Got some homework to do

    We shall see!



  • Long time LAV user and was

    Long time LAV user and was anxious to give this a try on my i3. Unfortunately it causes not stop stuttering when I enable the Intel mode. Have to do some poking around the forum.

  • QuickSync is specific to

    QuickSync is specific to Sandy Bridge and later.  A first gen i3 will software decode.  I would have tried this on my laptop if it was 2nd gen.  I’m a bit nervous about trying it directly on my HTPC (which is i3-2100t).

    Those who have tried on 2nd gen hardware, let us know how it works out…

  • Should have mentioned, my

    Should have mentioned, my hardware is 2nd gen and it stutters. In fact, you won’t have the selection unless it finds support for QuickSync.

  • Good to know.

    Good to know.