Eminent Media Player and Arctic MC-001 Entertainment Center

These two reviews seemed somewhat related, so figured I’d throw them together. I’ve never heard of Eminent, but it seems anyone can do a media player these days. It looks like they’re UK based only for now.


While Microsoft and Nintendo might be hoping that their next generation of home consols will ultimately become our HTPC, media centres of the future, for now the trend is for media players like the one I’m looking at today. The Eminent RT3 is an HD video, music and image player with built in web functionality.


There haven’t been very many products in the market that has truly fired me up and got me as excited as the MC001-BD. Many companies have tried to make HTPC that are compact and quiet but I usually find that I can do better for less. The MC001-BD is probably the first where I wouldn’t be able to do that. With over ten years experience in system cooling they were able to engineer an Entertainment Center that was both compact and passively cooled.
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