Dune HD TV-301A Universal FullHD Network Media Player

We reviewed one of the higher end Dune HD media players last year and were very impressed with the quality and abilities of the unit. However, the cost of that one was $250, pricing it out of the market for lots of folks. Dune has listened to their consumers and up for review is a more affordable, $169 media player that shares a lot of the benefits we covered. Wifi version is available for $10 more FYI.

Dune HD recently released the TV-301 in two flavors, the TV-301A and the TV-301AW which is basically the same as the first but also features a built-in Wi-Fi adapter coupled with an external antenna. The TV-301 series are also amongst the first to feature the latest HD decoding chipset by Sigma Designs, the SD8671 which may not be their most powerful decoding solution to date but it comes really close. That aside i was somewhat surprised (in a good way) to see that the TV-301 series also feature a nice easy-swap 2.5″ HDD bay which is certainly not something we see a lot with media players since most manufacturers prefer 3.5″ drives. Of course the TV-301 is as big as an 3.5″ hard disk drive so an 2.5″ easy-swap bay was a one way for Dune HD and i am honestly glad they decided to take it. But let’s take a closer look and she what else you can expect from the latest network/hdd media player to hit the market by Dune HD.