Dune HD @ CES 2013


There’s always something cool just around the corner from Dune HD, so it is one of the first companies that makes it on my CES list and this go round was no exception. The two most interesting items have already be covered but there was a more that was worth mentioning too. Click through to get the rundown from our meeting with Dune HD and some picutures of the devices they brought along to the show.

  • Launching a high-end Intel CE515 “Berryville” player late summer. This is very interesting, not only because it combines Dune HD’s expertise in the media streamer market with the visual candy and core functionality that XBMC provides, but also because it marks a shift away from Sigma Designs hardware. Dune HD wouldn’t comment directly on the specifics of the decision, but it’s hard not to speculate that Sigma’s inability to deliver modern high-end SoCs in a timely way, or at all (8911 = vapor unavailable in quantity), played a large part. 
  • “Launch on Power-On” firmware coming soon. Launches first on the TV-303D.
  • Zappiti Player, TV-303D and Base 3D (Sigma Designs 8672/8673) should launch in the next 30 days.
  • “Pro” will now be based on same Intel platform as the the Max instead of Sigma Designs 891x
  • Next gen UI with metadata features, “jukebox”, VUDU, etc. for Sigma Designs SoC still in progress.
  • Connect (HDMI dongle streamer) is planned for retail release, but is currently limited to MSO depoyments


Dune HD

  • Hi Andy,
    Why would the 8911

    Hi Andy,

    Why would the 8911 be considered vapor since it is in the PCH A400? Now granted, from talking to Dune I understand why they chose not to go with the 89xx line and what exactly the supply may/may not be for the A400, but vapor would indicate it never happened

    • My understanding is that the

      My understanding is that the 8911 never came out and the 8910 is in such short supply that it was essentially the same story. I remember seeing the PR around the A400, but every time I check its availability there isn’t any. Has that changed?

      I can change it to “unable to ship in sufficient quantity” :).

  • The 8911 is what is in the

    The 8911 is what is in the A400 and I believe the 8910 never came out. My understanding is that the 8911 was just a “test run” with a limited supply (if you want to call this exclusive for PCH…). I haven’t really had a chance to spend much time with my A400 yet (bugs initially made me want to throw the remote out the window when I started testing lol).

    • Sigma Designs lists the 8910

      Sigma Designs lists the 8910 on their site, but TBH I’m not sure what the difference is. The guys at Dune HD said the one they were going to use in the Pro never shipped. Where did you get an A400?

  • The 8911 is the Non-Rovi ACP

    The 8911 is the Non-Rovi ACP version (something with Analog protection I believe) per the brochure. The 8910 is what the Dune folks had slated for the Pro. I am curious about the limited supply of the 8911 chip since this would indicate that there will only be a finite supply of A400s produced.

    I had pre ordered my A400 a while back from Diamond Designs. Looking at their site looks like t hey are not expecting to ship until 1/31

    • Looks like you’re correct

      Looks like you’re correct about the 8911 v 8910 and what was supposed to be in the Pro. I was told that they couldn’t get chips. I’ll keep monitoring the A400 (would love to review one), but if you see general availablity please LMK – I get distracted easily.

      Thanks for keeping me honest, I changed the wording :).