LIAN LI @ CES 2013

Lian Li Industrial Co., Ltd..png

In 2012, we reveiwed the thin mini-ITX PC-Q05 and mini-ITX PC-Q25, both interesting options for the HTPC enthusiast. At CES, we had the chance to catch up with LIAN LI and were rewarded with a look at a new prototype chassis designed to house Intel’s NUC board. The black brushed aluminum chassis features passive cooling and a VESA mount. Compared to the stock Intel NUC chassis, LIAN LI’s prototype has a higher-end look and feel. Considering the NUC has had some thermal issues in the past, we’ll be very interested in performing a full review of the solution when it becomes available. Photos after the break…

On the opposite end of the size spectrum, it was fun to see the massive PC-D8000 that was introduced at Computex.

Also introduced at Computex, the train-themed mini-ITX PC-CK101 is definitely an unexpected sight to behold.

Take a look at the rest of the gallery for everything LIAN LI was showing. 

  • lol, i love that train…i

    lol, i love that train…i really don’t want to, but it’s just so silly it’s great. would be a great conversation piece lol

    • I forgot to mention that it

      I forgot to mention that it has a motor so it can move down the tracks!