Dune HD PRO 4K Premium Compact Media Player Review @ NikKTech

I haven’t heard much from Dune HD lately. So I was pleased, and a little surprised, to see this review of their 4K “Dune HD PRO 4K” player popup this morning. It looks like they’ve given up on Sigma Designs and started using Realtek SoC, as well as moving to an Android TV platform. Which nets some very slick enhancements, like Kodi and Netflix support.

The PRO 4K is the 2nd top model in the brand new family of Android OS based hardware media players by Dune HD which thanks to its Realtek RTD1295 Quad-Core SoC and 2GB RAM can handle anything you throw at it even H.265 10-bit 4Kp60 HDR content with bitrate exceeding 100 Mbit/s.