Just finished reading the PR for DUNE HD’s upcoming Solo 4K player. WOW, there is a lot of information to be had. First off, the player itself looks fantastic. Small, lots of power, all the great stuff we’ve come to expect from DUNE HD’s “just plays” experience, and with DVB-T/T2 tuners and 2.5″ HDD for DVR support we have a […]

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VidaBox LiivNAS Gets Rackmountable Dune Edition


When it comes to no-hassle media playback it’s quite easy to recommend picking up one of Dune HD’s media streamers. They provide a simple “just works” content experience, but there is still some work to do when it comes to unified file storage and delivering a rich, navigable UI. Which is where VidaBox comes in with the “LiivNAS: Dune Edition”. […]

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Dune HD TV303D Reviewed @ MediaSmartServer.net


Looks like Dune HD hit their delivery target for the TV303D, and Damien has it reviewed. The results were much more mixed than I expected from Dune HD, hopefully just teething issues with a new platform. Overall I would say I have some mixed thoughts with the TV303D. On a positive note, network performance is excellent which is critical for […]

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Dune HD @ CES 2013


There’s always something cool just around the corner from Dune HD, so it is one of the first companies that makes it on my CES list and this go round was no exception. The two most interesting items have already be covered but there was a more that was worth mentioning too. Click through to get the rundown from our […]

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SIGMA DESIGNS SMP8910 Not Suspended


Given the positive conversation I had with SIGMA DESIGNS at CES I was a little surprised to see a rumor floating around that the SMP8910 had been suspended. If true, this would be a major setback for those waiting for Dune HD’s Pro media player so I fired off an email to find out. Fortunately, my contact at SIGMA was […]

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