The Simple.TV Aims to be the DVR for Every Device


We’ve seen a number of different whole home DVR systems at CES so far, but most of them are similar to the DISH Hopper with a central multi-tuner DVR that feeds live and recorded TV to smaller extender units. The Simple.TV is intended to provide a whole world DVR system, turning any device into an extender unit. The Simple.TV asks only for an antenna or basic cable connection to feed its integrated tuner and a network connection to stream TV over. The Simple.TV adds DVR capabilities by recording to network storage or to external storage via USB. Obviously network tuners are nothing new, but Simple.TV promises simple integration and operation with any device running the Simple.TV app. I know a lot of folks around here would probably be more interested in a CableCard version, but it might be a good start for the cord-cutters among us.

Simple.TV works like this: You connect the streaming set-top box to an HD antenna or cable connection, as well as to your broadband connection, and the device allows you to beam live and recorded TV to any number of mobile, tablet or connected device apps that support the box. At launch, Simple.TV will support streaming to the iPad, Roku streaming boxes, Google TV-enabled devices and the Boxee Box.


    Hmmm, SimpleTV sounds


    Hmmm, SimpleTV sounds interesting but there isn’t much info here about HOW it works.  How much content can be stored?  Is it “In the Cloud” or on a hard drive?  How many shows can stream at one time?  Is there a difference between the amount of content stored in HD and Standard definition?  I had all of my questions answered about the receiver you mentioned, The Hopper, just before CES when my employer revealed the specs to me.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Hopper and Joey “client boxes” were a system that would give DISH customers a whole home DVR, only it will record up to 6 shows with the PrimeTime Anytime feature.  Recording all of the programming from all 4 major local networks (PrimeTime Anytime) doesn’t interfere with the 250 hours of HD/1000 hours of standard definition recording time.  I like the dependability of a lifetime warranty on leased equipment (shipping charges apply) that DISH gives which is peace of mind for me too.

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