Tweak Mediabrowser to Share Playstates Only

Mediabrowser coverflow

By default, Mediabrowser runs largely as a local application. It’s easy to set up the program with the media libraries pointed at any location, local or networked, but all of the playstate and settings information is stored locally. Mediabrowser has long been easy to tweak to share the playstates and display view settings by moving certain files to a network location and adjusting a configuration file, but it’s always been necessary to move the two together. I’ve never actually done this because I didn’t want to tie the entire household’s display view settings to the whims of my fickle kids’ installations, but with the help of a little smbolic linking it would appear that it is surprisingly easy to allow my kids to resume their Winnie the Pooh in their rooms without being saddled with their coverflow view in the living room.

Basically, it allows you to place your playstate directory (for maintaining watched status and resume points) and display.db file (which holds your view configurations) within a share and then use the <UserSettingsPath /> element to set the path to that shared location.  It works well, but I prefer not to lock my views to a single setting between multiple HTPCs.  I just want to preserve my watched status and resume points.