Ubiquiti USW Flex Mini Now Available

One of the reasons I love, like, still use (I kid, but our relationship is a bit rocky right now) Ubiquiti Unifi kit is the feature set per dollar. With this new PoE powered five port managed switch setting a new standard at $29. Yeah, $29 for a managed switch. I’ve already ordered one, but could see myself selling off a couple of my US-8 (eight port PoE powered switch with 1 PoE passthrough) because they are overkill, but I want the ability to put different devices on different networks (i.e. Sonos on IoT and Shield on “Kids”) without resorting to Wi-Fi. Hopefully this will go a bit smoother than the UDM-Pro ;).

Build and expand your network with the UniFi® Switch, part of the Ubiquiti Networks® UniFi Enterprise System. The UniFi Switch, model USW-Flex-Mini, is a smart managed Gigabit switch. It offers 5 RJ45 Ethernet ports, providing 1 Gigabit links to your devices. Power up the USW-Flex-Mini with the included USB Type-C power adapter or with 802.3af PoE Ethernet in port 1.