Quick Guide to Fix Access to YouTube with MacroTube


Accessing streaming media from within the Windows Media Center interface has always been an issue; an issue that Microsoft never really stepped up to resolve, leaving WMC users to rely on the goodwill of community developers to devise solutions for accessing services such as YouTube. One of the more promising projects to come along in that vein was MacroTube. Unfortunately, though MacroTube was greeted quite warmly by the WMC community, it has not been under active development for some time and MacroTube’s ability to access its included providers has degraded over time as services have gone away and changed their backend connection information. Our friends at The Digital Lifestyle have put together a quick guide showing how to get MacroTube back on its feet and accessing YouTube and YouTube HD, the feeds that people were most excited about with MacroTube. TDL’s guide is based on the work of a small group of fans who started a Google Project devoted to fixing MacroTube’s provider access. If you are interested in delving a bit deeper into adding more providers to MacroTube, this would probably be a good place to start.

A quick write up on Macrotube which adds YouTube, YouTube HD, Daily Motion and MSNSoapbox videos and more into Windows Media Center.

The Digital Lifestyle