YouTube launches Live TV service

Network coverage is a bit light, but given sports coverage, support for six users, and unlimited DVR storage it might just work for $35/mon. Even if it’s not quite up to your standard, I think we can all agree that the level of competition developing in this space is FANTASTIC. What I’d really like to see though, is a just sports pack. That’s really the only thing that I want from “cable” anymore. Anyone else in the same boat?

Naturally it is just US, but ROW probably wasn’t expecting anything here :).

After many months of rumors, YouTube has officially announced its entry into streaming live TV. YouTube TV will let you access live and recorded content from major networks, both the big broadcast players as well as some options typically found on cable. All of this will be coupled alongside YouTube’s existing content, and it’ll work on nearly any screen that YouTube is available on. The new service will be available later this spring to customers in the US for $35 a month with no contract; that lets up to six users access content whenever they want.