Z-Wave diagnostic tool now available

I like Z-Wave. Compared to “smart” IOT IP devices, it usually just works – as long as you have a good home automation controller (HAC). In the past, when you did have a little trouble it was very difficult to figure out what was going on (usually range problem IME). Fortunately, there’s now a tool for installers or curious DIYers that will help you map and troubleshoot any issues with the network. At $250, it’s a little pricey, but could be well worth it in the long run.



Cost-Effective Toolbox Helps Installers & Consumer “Superusers” 

Create Problem-Free, Reliable Networks


            MOONACHIE, NJ  Z-Wave Products, a company focused on distribution and e-commerce of Z-Wave devices, announces the release of the first commercially available troubleshooting tool for Z-Wave networks.

The Z-Wave Toolbox allows Z-Wave network installers to quickly and easily troubleshoot common issues such as interference, range issues, weak links, and connected-device placement.  The Z-Wave Toolbox also allows stress testing of Z-Wave networks – both residential and commercial – and produces easy-to-decipher, colored Network Health Symbols (NHS) that indicate current performance.  This results in shorter installation time of Z-Wave networks, as well as enhanced network reliability and increased customer satisfaction.  It also means that potential issues can be identified and remedied before they occur, eliminating costly, time-consuming repairs.

A flexible and inexpensive web-based device, the self-contained Z-Wave Toolbox will work with any operating system in addition to smart phones and tablets.  It is simple enough for the new installer, yet it has the power to remediate the most puzzling issues for the experienced professional.  The Z-Wave Toolbox contains three major applications:

Ø  The Network Health Tester can determine link stability, quality of service, latencies and helps the user troubleshoot, optimize and deploy Z-Wave networks with confidence.  

Ø  The Z-Wave Packet Analyzer allows the user to see Z-Wave traffic.  It helps troubleshoot connections, identify abnormal device operation, and pinpoint weak spots.

Ø  The Spectrum Analyzer allows users to scan frequencies close to Z-Wave frequencies for any interference.

This tool is also valuable for Z-Wave “superusers” and network owners who would like to gain some basic insight into how Z-Wave networks perform.  

“We are excited to introduce the industry’s first Z-Wave Plus certified tool,” said Matthew Davis, Vice President of Product Development of ZWaveProducts.com.  “Before the Z-Wave tool, installers would set up a network and, if it worked, they figured everything was fine.  There was never a comprehensive tool to perform diagnostics and even predict where problems may occur in the future.  The Z-Wave toolbox takes all the guesswork out of the equation.” 

Mitchell Klein, Executive Director of the Z-Wave Alliance, was equally enthusiastic.

“We welcome this tool to our family of over 1700 Z-Wave Certified Products,” said Klein.  “With the help of the Z-Wave Toolbox, installers will be able to create Z-Wave networks that are even more reliable and maximize the functionality of the devices within the network.”

The Z-Wave Toolbox is available exclusively through the Z-Wave Products website for $249.  Future offerings will include an optional trace-reading service as well as toolbox accessories, such as a battery pack. 


Founded in 2006, Z-Wave Products is the premier online destination for products that utilize the Z-Wave wireless protocol, the world’s most popular communication platform among devices used for home automation.  All products purchased on the site carry a (30) day return policy.  For more information, visit www.zwaveproducts.com.