Plex adds Live TV

If you have a Plex Pass you can now watch your OTA content live, anywhere you have Internet. You will, of course, need some local tuners, but it’s not just HDHR devices now. There are actually quite a few, and you can even use some of the USB ones with the NVIDIA SHIELD!

Since we launched Plex DVR back in September, we’ve been hard at work turning it into the best DVR on the planet — it’s hard work keeping track of all those TV schedules and herding those teams of tuners toward a seamless, Plexy library of beautiful HD shows. We couldn’t be more proud that our little DVR managed to spin off a complete Laserdisc franchise along the way!


  • I am enjoying my Plex Live

    I am enjoying my Plex Live TV, on all my Nexus Players and Nvidia Shield. I do hope they have an option to tune to the channel number in the future. I have looked for it, as I see it in some of the screenshots, but nothing yet on my platforms. HDHomeRun DVR keeps getting better as well it is nice to have multiple ways. I am starting to get into the Live Channels on Android TV as well.