NETGEAR Announces NTV200S Media Streamer

NETGEAR just announced the NTV200S (aka NTV PRO) as successor to their popular NTV200 media streamer this morning. Those with familiar with the previous device will be forgiven for not noticing the difference as it essentially the same device (offering all the good stuff we loved like VUDU and Netflix) just with WiDi support (via 2x 2.4GHz antennas) for $20 more ($69.99 v. $49.99) – which is a steal if you were looking at adding that feature to your home theater (standalone WiDi devices usually run $80-$100).

Datasheet, PR and more information after the click.

What’s makes this more interesting is that as a part of support older wireless display devices additional codecs were added to the device with the full list below:

NTV200S Codecs

Obviously, this isn’t important for web video, or the official channels because everything is H.264 but it is useful were a channel, like Plex, which provides access to local content available for the streamer because less transcoding would be required.

Not included in the PR or datasheet (attached below) is that both the NTV200 and NTV200S will be getting the next version of Netflix, which supports multi-channel audio, in late September – which will remove one of the few gaps between NETGEAR’s offerings and competitive devices.