IOGEAR’s Releases Wireless 3D Digital Kit


Well it seems that wireless HD technology is advancing. While there have been several products released that allow for the wireless streaming of HD signals over HDMI. Many of these have been hampered by a lack of ability to handle 3D content, requiring line of sight in order to operate effectively or not being able to handle full surround sound […]

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Review of Popbox 3D/ Comparision to Popbox V8

Popbox 3d

 For those of you in the market for a media player in addition to checking to checking out our Media Player Comparsion Guide should also check out this review of the Popbox 3D from In this hybrid review/comparison Damian over at takes an in depth look at the Popbox 3D highlighting many of the problems with the device […]

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Warpia Announces New Value Edition StreamHD

Warpia StreamHD Value Edition

Today Warpia is introducing a new value edition of their StreamHD wireless audio and video streamers. The SWP110A is a cheaper and less featured filled version of its older brother the SWP120A, which we reviewed back in july. Retailing at 129.99 the StreamHD Value Edition lacks the ability for optical or 3.5 inch audio connections, requiring that all audio be transmitted […]

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Using the Native Video and Picture Library


Using the Native Video and Picture Library Recently we created a guide on how to use the Movie Library within Microsoft Windows 7 Media Center (“7MC”). Today we are going to look at adding files to the native Video and Pictures Library. This guide will cover: 1. How to add files to the library 2. What types of files can […]

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DVBLink v4 Products are Released

DVB Logic Logo

The folks over at DVB logic have issued a new version of DVB link. Version 4 is built off of a completely new architecture and forms the basis for future development and extention of the product. Updates in this version include: the ability for 8 virtual tuners in Windows Media Center as well as support for live TV in Boxee, […]

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ESPN3WMC Update, Games Resume Play in Full Screen


Amar Kota has released an update to the ESPN3 addon for windows media center. In addition to restoring the ability to watch games in full screen the update also enables support for streaming content from Watch ESPN (if you are on one of the lucky few carriers to have this service). So head on over to and download the update, and be sure to […]

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Fractal Design Core 3000

box photo 6 (1024x710).jpg

So far, we have reviewed three chassis from Fractal Design, the Define R3 ATX, the Define Mini Micro-ATX and the Array R2 Mini-ITX, and have been impressed by their build quality and aesthetics. Today we are reviewing a chassis in their Core line which aims to provide a unique combination of design, features, cooling performance and value. The Fractal Design […]

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Aleutia Fanless and Silent HTPC Reviewed

Aleutia H3-R Fanless Core i5 Media PC

For those who like their Home Theater PC’s completely silent, Aleutia has recently released a PC that might just be for you. Aleutia started out making low cost PCs for Internet cafes in Africa but then has branched out to create computers for a wide variety of situations with a focus on low power consumption and noise. The H3-R comes […]

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I Believe that Introductions are in Order

Hobo on top of TV.JPG

Hello Missing Remote readers. As this is my first blog posting, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Zach Christiansen (those of you who are observant already knew that) and I am a third year law student at Tulane University, with an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech. I have always been “Technical Support” for my […]

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