DVBLink v4 Products are Released

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The folks over at DVB logic have issued a new version of DVB link. Version 4 is built off of a completely new architecture and forms the basis for future development and extention of the product. Updates in this version include: the ability for 8 virtual tuners in Windows Media Center as well as support for live TV in Boxee, Android, Iphone, Ipad and Windows mobile devices. From DVB Logic press release:


DVBLink v4 products have a lot new features, improvements and fixes over previous version. The most notable of them are:

  • More intuitive and easier Windows MediaCenter setup
  • Support of up to 8 virtual tuners in Windows MediaCenter
  • Web based DVBLink server configuration
  • New DVBLink Connect! Server with support for live TV, timer scheduling and EPG on Android, IPhone, IPad and Windows Mobile devices
  • DVBLink Boxee client that enables watching live TV on Linux and Mac computers as well as in Boxee Box itself
  • DVBLink Remote API, which can be used to create 3rd party DVBLink clients

DVBLink v4 is a paid upgrade for v2/v3 owners who purchased products before 1 July 2011. For those who have purchased DVBLink products on or after that date the upgrade is free of charge.

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