Sharp Announces Worlds Largest LED TV, 55 Inches Feels Way too Small

Sharp 90 inch TV


For those of you who scoff at the thought of a TV smaller than 80 inch’s, Sharp has kept you in mind with their latest flagship TV, 90-inch AQUOS LED TV. Dubbing it the “worlds largest LED TV” the LC-90LE745U weighs in at 142 lbs with a depth at just under 5 inches. It uses an aluminum screen bezel similar to the ones found in its Elite TV line-up. Sharp has also taken the time to include their standard smart TV software kit inside the 1080p capable TV, with access to Netflix, Hulu and Vudo among others. The folks over at Engadget were able to get a hands on look at the TV:


The company’s also done a nice job of stuffing a good amount of software inside the 1080p-capable AQUOS, including apps such as Netflix, Hulu and Vudu. Additionally, Sharp is throwing in a pair of three-dee glasses, which should come in handy during your precious movie night with the family. Best of all, it’s up for grabs now, but prepare your wallet to take a major hit, as you’ll have to shell out $11,000 to get one of these in your living room.

Engadget HD

So for those of you looking to upgrade your current TV, and have $11,000 be sure to head into Best Buy or HH Gregg (sharp is currently only offering the TV for sale through brick and morter stores) and pick one up.


  • You could get a hell of a

    You could get a hell of a projector and a great screen for half that.

  • I’m wondering what the

    I’m wondering what the maximum size for these will be from a sales stand point.  They can make them bigger and bigger but it doesnt mean it will make them money.

    A projector or a Mitsubishi DLP can do that size for less than half the money.  

  • I saw an 80″ TV at CostCo the

    I saw an 80″ TV at CostCo the other day and watched its demo mode while waiting in the checkout line.  It did a nifty little thing where it boxed off part of the screen with a yellow border, labeled it “55 inches” just to show off the difference.  Then I noticed the $6k price tag and thought about how a sub-$1000 projector can do larger sizes while still looking good.

    At the price point for this 90″ TV, one might as well spend just a little more and get 4k resolution projector.  (still a little sad I haven’t actually seen a demo model 4k TV yet)

  • Front projectors require

    Front projectors require control of ambient light. Even if you CAN control ambient light, not everyone wants to watch TV in the dark all the time.  My new house has a basement and I’m considering either a front projector or a BIG DLP and the DLP certainly has its advantages in setup and in light control.  This sharp is a great alternative to DLP, but what I really want is the 85 inch panasonic plasma.  But, thats 30 grand…

    • autoboy wrote:what I really


      what I really want is the 85 inch panasonic plasma


      What about that 152″ Panasonic plasma? 😀

    • Also worth noting that it’s

      Also worth noting that it’s much more difficult to install a projector, and the layout or features (ceiling fan) of many rooms makes it impossible to use one.

    • I’ve seen the newer

      I’ve seen the newer projectors (Epson 5010 and Sony Hw30) and both looked great for sports and normal tv watching in lit rooms as long as the lights were not shining directly on the screen.  Obviously dark is much better, but my understanding is that projectors have improved a lot in this regard.