MythTV Reloaded – Day 11

Welcome back to another exciting entry into what should have been a well planned out and straight forward upgrade from MythTV 0.21 to MythTV 0.24.  Here’s a recap:

1) Upgraded the backend

2) “Upgraded” the frontend

3) Got MythTV working on Windows

4) Performed integration testing

5) Failed integration testing – Frontend no workey.  X-Windows doesn’t load, then no remote

At this point I was faced with a decision – get a different IR receiver or load a new OS.  I decided to go with an OS upgrade.  This time around I went with Fedora 15 x64, primarily because it is the most recent version of Fedora that I already had downloaded.  Installation was very straight forward following procedures previously mentioned.  As it turns out, the kernel used in this version is so this gets me to the 2.6.38+ that I apparently need to get my remote working.  I didn’t get so far as to test it out tonight but I did get Fedora loaded, MythTV installed and the graphics driver loaded.  Tomorrow I will verify that what I have so far is working and then dig into the remote some more.  Until then, have a good day/night depending on when you are reading this.