Sony HMZ-T1 3DTV Headset Reviewed

Sony has been showing off their Sony HMZ-T1 3DTV Headset, their modern day take on the Sony Glasstron, but now it is working its way into the hands of reviewers. I have to admit that I am pretty excited about this headset. The basic concept has intrigued me for years. I am a bit worried after seeing pictures of the device on the […]

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Samsung, RealD Partnership Falls Apart

Samsung and Reald

Samsung and RealD are splitsville. Samsung and RealD were showing off their RDZ technology at CES this year and officially announced a manufacturing partnership back in May. The idea behind RDZ or ZScreen was that that TV viewers could use passive glasses because the active shutter element would be built into the LCD screen itself, all without compromising 2D performance. […]

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Glasses-Free 3-D TVs Only Three Years Away, Sorta

When 3D TVs first started hitting the market, I yawned. For me, glasses-free was where it was at. Of course, I expected it would still come in the form of a flat screen that simulated the appearance of three dimensional objects. A company named Zebra Imaging has hooked up with DARPA to develop the ultimate in 3D: a hologram TV. […]

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Sneak a Peek at Sony’s Vision of the 3D Future

There was a time when I desperately wanted a Sony Glasstron. This was a set of LCD eyeglasses that would simulate the effect of watching a 50″ TV from several feet away. They were low-res, expensive, bulky, ugly, and deliciously geeky. Of course, they faded away in the mists of time, because frankly, no one else wanted them. Fortunately, Sony […]

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3D Haters Readying ESPN 3D’s Grave

ESPN 3D.png

Soothsayer tech analyst, Philip Swann, says that “idiot TV makers spent an enormous amount of time and money” trying to get people to buy 3D TVs they didn’t want and predicts display manufacturers will give up on advertising on ESPN 3D which will result in the nascent channel’s demise. ESPN’s response to these claims is a little more reasoned.  New […]

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Sony Brings 3D to Streaming


Sony engineers must be wearing out the 3’s on their keyboards these days. They’ve got 3D TVs showing 3D Blu-ray movies in between bouts of 3D games played on the PlayStation 3, and now they even have 3D streaming thanks to the SMP-N200. It may not be the first 3D-capable media streamer, but it will be the first from a […]

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Toshiba to Launch Glasses Free 3D TV in Europe


It seems that just as 3DTV manufacturers had agreed to standardize the active shutter glasses technology Toshiba is ready to release a 3D TV that does not require glasses: When it launches this December in Germany (no word yet on other European countries, or anywhere else for that matter) the ZL2 will take its place at the top of the company’s range of sets complete […]

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