TV Manufacturer Consortium Working on Universal Active Shutter 3D TV Glasses

When 3D TVs first launched, my initial reaction was that there was very little chance of them taking off. My issue wasn’t necessarily with the 3D part, but with the glasses that were required for the 3D. With glasses running $100-$200 a pair and incompatible from one manufacturer to another, the whole technology looked DOA to me. There has been some positive movement on the pricing front and now it looks like we might see some improvement on the compatibility front as well. Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic are joining forces with Xpand 3D to develop a standard for universally compatible active shutter glasses, and they have the support of a wide assortment of other television manufacturers.

The consortium now has its own umbrella web site which it’s bravely opted to call Full HD 3D Glasses (which should see it do very well for Google traffic), which underlines its ambition to see 3D users owning one single pair of magic glasses that work on their home 3D TVs, PC monitors, and can even be taken out to watch 3D films on cinema screens.