Toshiba to Launch Glasses Free 3D TV in Europe


It seems that just as 3DTV manufacturers had agreed to standardize the active shutter glasses technology Toshiba is ready to release a 3D TV that does not require glasses:

When it launches this December in Germany (no word yet on other European countries, or anywhere else for that matter) the ZL2 will take its place at the top of the company’s range of sets complete with an LED-backlit QuadHD resolution (3,840 x 2,160) LCD panel and Cell-processor basedCEVO engine technology within. Check out the press release after the break for more of the specs, no word yet on how much it will cost but the glasses-based 3D ZL1 it’s replacing was rocking a £4,000 price tag.


While this release will surely make adding 3D to the home easier, it still doesn’t solve the problem of a lack of 3D content. The next question is will it increase adoption enough to incentivize the creation of more 3D content?

  • My favorite use for my 3D TV

    My favorite use for my 3D TV is hooking the gaming computer up to it and playing video games in 3D.  The idea of playing a FPS with 4k resolution in full 3D makes the gamer inside me drool a little.