Media Center Fans: The Conversation Approacheth


Another day, another post from Steven Sinofsky on the Building Windows 8 blog. For the second day in a row Sinofsky has touched on a subject that I think Media Center enthusiasts might want to be paying attention to as the steady march toward Windows 8 continues. For today’s blog post Sinofsky has kicked off the first of four major […]

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Toshiba to Launch Glasses Free 3D TV in Europe


It seems that just as 3DTV manufacturers had agreed to standardize the active shutter glasses technology Toshiba is ready to release a 3D TV that does not require glasses: When it launches this December in Germany (no word yet on other European countries, or anywhere else for that matter) the ZL2 will take its place at the top of the company’s range of sets complete […]

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Building Windows 8 with Metro in Mind

Windows 8

Steven Sinofsky and the Windows development team recently launched their development blog, Building Windows 8. Every entry has proven to be interesting reading, but today’s entry touched on the new element that most interests me as an HTPC enthusiast: the new Metro-inspired Start screen. The tile-based Start screen is being designed to work with touch, mouse, or keyboard and immediately stood […]

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