Hauppauge WinTV-DCR-2650 USB CableCARD Tuner


Hauppauge has had a long tradition of delivering tuners and capture solutions to the home theater PC (HTPC) market so it is only appropriate that the legacy continues in the modern era with Hauppauge’s new CableCARD offering, the WinTV-DCR-2650. Offering two tuners, a USB connection to PCs and a tantalizing low retail price in the Digital Cable Tuner (DCT) market, […]

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NFL Sunday Ticket on PS3

For all of you CableCard users that are NFL addicts, check this link out. Apparently you can subscribe to the NFL Sunday Ticket (without switching to DirectTV) on your PS3. I was excited until I saw the price. With NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ you can experience every out of market game each Sunday and you also get the RED ZONE CHANNEL®. […]

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Native ISO Support Coming to Windows 8


Microsoft has released screen shots of Windows 8 supporting ISO and VHD natively inside of the Operating System. It is going to be built right into the Explorer and will support mounting and ejecting right from any explorer menu. You will no longer have to burn a disc to access the information on the ISO or install any 3rd party […]

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Asrock Vision 3D Preparing to Cross Sandy Bridge

Vision 3D Series(m).jpg

Asrock has demonstrated a marked interest in the HTPC market over the last few years and has assembled a solid lineup of SFF barebones kits specifically aimed at HTPC enthusiasts. We even reviewed one of the early models, the ASRock ION-330 Nettop. The current cream of the crop Asrock SFFs are the Vision 3D line that combine an Intel Arrandale mobile processor with […]

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3D Haters Readying ESPN 3D’s Grave

ESPN 3D.png

Soothsayer tech analyst, Philip Swann, says that “idiot TV makers spent an enormous amount of time and money” trying to get people to buy 3D TVs they didn’t want and predicts display manufacturers will give up on advertising on ESPN 3D which will result in the nascent channel’s demise. ESPN’s response to these claims is a little more reasoned.  New […]

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Intel Releases New Processors, Cuts Prices and Models


Intel has quietly introduced a whole heap of new Sandy Bridge processors, modestly cut the price on some old processors, and even discontinued a few Pentium processors. Most of the new models are simple speed bumps of previous models. There are couple of new low power processors, including the Core i3 2120T and the Pentium G630T, each bringing an extra 100 Mhz, […]

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