Native ISO Support Coming to Windows 8


Microsoft has released screen shots of Windows 8 supporting ISO and VHD natively inside of the Operating System. It is going to be built right into the Explorer and will support mounting and ejecting right from any explorer menu. You will no longer have to burn a disc to access the information on the ISO or install any 3rd party add-in. Microsoft says it is one of the most often requested items on the list of request and it will be included in Windows 8. Head over the MSDN blog to check out some more screen shots and a nice video.


So how does this work in Windows 8? It’s quite simple – just “mount” the ISO file (you can select mount from the enhanced Explorer ribbon or double-click or right-click on the file), and a new drive letter appears, indicating that the contents are now readily accessible. Underneath the covers, Windows seamlessly creates a “virtual” CDROM or DVD drive for you on-the-fly so you can access your data. Let’s walk through the flow that will enable you to access such an ISO file.

                                                                                           MSDN Blog


  • R.I.P. Mount Image

    R.I.P. Mount Image

    • mikinho wrote:R.I.P. Mount


      R.I.P. Mount Image


      Might want to wait on that, the article specifically calls out CD and DVD compatibility but there is no mention of BD (or HD DVD) support.

      • I did notice that how they

        I did notice that how they were very careful not to say to much about what type and size limitations would be supported..

  • Mount Image has served me

    Mount Image has served me well. 🙂

  • If windows 8 had built in BD

    If windows 8 had built in BD playback that would be icing on the cake. Because you know TMT and PowerDVD are going to gouge us to pay for an upgrade that supports Win 8. 

    • There’s no reason to believe

      There’s no reason to believe that those programs won’t operate properly in Windows 8 yet. If they don’t, do you expect them to work for free? If so, why? Don’t you expect to be financially compensated for your work?

      • They were compensated for the

        They were compensated for the software when I bought it. Unless windows puts in some change to force them to make a significant code change I don’t see why they would have to charge because you upgraded the O.S. I’ve been using Money 2004 for a long time and never had to pay for a new version because my O.S changed. Same with all my video games. They work regardless of the O.S. being upgraded. 

        • I agree. We have no reason

          I agree. We have no reason yet to believe the programs will not operate with Windows 8.