Intel Releases New Processors, Cuts Prices and Models


Intel has quietly introduced a whole heap of new Sandy Bridge processors, modestly cut the price on some old processors, and even discontinued a few Pentium processors. Most of the new models are simple speed bumps of previous models. There are couple of new low power processors, including the Core i3 2120T and the Pentium G630T, each bringing an extra 100 Mhz, for folks looking to build a new SFF HTPC in the near future.

Further down the desktop line, there are three new Celerons and a couple of updated Pentium models. Intel has also refreshed its low-power desktop parts with new offerings in the Celeron, Pentium, and Core i3 families. For the most part, the new low-power chips represent a 100MHz speed bump over the existing models.


  • Anyone looking for an

    Anyone looking for an inexpensive client HTPC build should consider the new G530 and G530T parts.