Streacom F12C reviewed at Nikk Tech

I haven’t seen fit to build a Full ATX HTPC in ages, but if you game and need a beast in the A/V stack it is definitely the way to go. Streacom makes great cases, and the F12C looks like it also has excellent build quality and plenty of venting for that dual dGPU rig.

 If you’ve been around personal computers as long as i have then you should recall that up until 20-25 years ago most systems were housed inside rather small desktop cases and that didn’t really change until the very first DVD-ROM drives made their appearance in the late 90’s. Because of that I’ve never been able to wrap my head around the fact that even though today the market is overflowing with midi and full towers of all shapes and prices there are nowhere near as many desktop cases available for people to choose from. Some of the leading manufacturers did try to keep such cases available mainly for HTPC systems but most of them gave up soon afterwards. Well thanks to some smaller manufacturers like our friends over at Streacom HTPC and desktop systems will always have a high-quality home like their latest F12C Aluminium PC Case which we have here with us today.

Nikk Tech