WD TV Live Reviewed

WD TV Live

Western Digital has been quietly adding new services such as Spotify and Vimeo to their WD TV Live media streamers, working to make their little streamers ever more attractive. The guys at Silent PC Review took the WD TV Live for a spin with an eye to how it compares to an HTPC. I’ve recommended previous WD TV devices to folks before and even played with the WD TV Live Hub for a short time after it came out and liked what I saw. The selection of online services was relatively paltry at that time, but it sounds like the selection has been rounded out nicely. More importantly, it sounds like the WD TV Live is continuing to build on Western Digital’s reputation for file compatibility.

However, the navigation and playback controls on the WDTVL are quick and responsive, and it has native capability to play the ever-popular MKV video files, unlike any native Windows software (like Media Center). In fact, the WD never balked at any video file type I thre at it.