Netflix Streaming Now Available in Scandanavia

A couple of months ago, HBO and Netflix announced within days of each other that they were going to be launching streaming services in Scandanvia. At the time, HBO stated that HBO Nordic would launch in October, but Netflix was going with a less definitive launch date of “by the end of the year”. Call me cynical, but I think HBO gave Netflix a bit of incentive to pick up the pace. Not only has Netflix announced that they have completed rolling their service out across Scandanavia, but they launched in all four countries over the course of four days. As usual, Netflix is available on a variety of Smart TVs, settop boxes, and mobile devices, and the company is claiming that initial demand has been greater than they expected. With HBO Nordic, LOVEFiLM, and Netflix all duking it out for the same region, the real test will be to see how many of those early signups turn into paid subscriptions.

Netflix Oct. 18 said it is officially beginning streaming rental service in Denmark, Finland and Norway, completing its Scandinavia rollout following the launch of subscription video-on-demand in Sweden earlier in the week.

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  • How do I get Netflix in

    How do I get Netflix in windows media center 7, in Denmark?


    Links anyone?

  • For those who can access HBO

    For those who can access HBO Nordic in their county like me, you can use UnoTelly or similar services to get around the block.