Proof Commercial Skipping Saves Lives!

I always thought that Lifextender was a little tongue-in-cheek, but now there are studies which prove it actually does what it says!

The summary is that After 25, After Every Hour Of TV Watched, Lifespan Drops By 22 Minutes.

Now, knowing that 15 minutes of every TV hour is commercials, skipping commercials thus increases your lifespan by 5.5 minutes. So for every 261 hours of commercial free TV you watch, you gain back a day in your lifetime!

Although the study doesn’t cover this, I strongly suspect the commercials are far more deadly than the actual content, thus the benefits may be even higher! Unless perhaps you’re watching “Jersey Shore…

  • George L. Schmauch Jr.

    How long before someone files

    How long before someone files a wrongful death lawsuit for involuntary manslaughter?  While it would never go to trial or to a guilty verdict, I would find it somewhat humorous to see companies (marketers, cable companies, advertisers, etc.) getting sued for forcing people to watch commercials and, thus, shortening their lifespan.

    “Your honor, my client’s only wish was to watch the television shows we will present during trial.  However, due to the callousness of the defendants, forcing my client to sit through over 3.6 years of commercials, our experts will clearly show this carelessness shortened the defendant’s life by nearly 1.5 years.  There is no question that the defendants are guilty of this heinous crime.  Additionally, we are seeking class action status for every single person who has been unknowingly murdered since the invention of television.  Your honor, their families deserve justice.”

  • I think George has been

    I think George has been watching too many reruns of Law and Order (and hopefully skipping the commercials Wink).

    FWIW, it’s been my experience that a typical 60-minute program contains about 17-18 minutes of commercials, with but a few exceptions.  A 1-hour show that’s been edited to remove commercials is generally about 42-43 minutes long.

  • IMO, Best post of the day.

    IMO, Best post of the day.

  • Unless perhaps you’re

    Unless perhaps you’re watching “Jersey Shore…

    No one will notice if those people die early…

  • I find this study hard to

    I find this study hard to believe.  After all, wasn’t there a study that stated you lose 11 minutes off your life for every cigarette you smoke?  Basically, you could either smoke 8 cigarettes a day or watch 4 hours of television and have the same net loss.  How can 4 hours of t.v. a day be just as bad as 8 cigarettes?  I’m calling B.S.!!!

  • George L. Schmauch Jr.

    Wow.  I tried to keep this as

    Wow.  I tried to keep this as the joke the report actually is and it became a serious discussion.  That works, too.  🙂  This report is about as accurate as studies in favor of gun control.

    “Commercials don’t kill people.  People watching commercials kill people.”

    Anyway, I can’t argue that I’m a fan of L&O.  The fact that I have several lawyers in the family probably only adds to that.  😉

  • My wife actually mentioned

    My wife actually mentioned this study to me last night.  No doubt she picked it up intravenously from the countless hours of Fox News she absorbs.  (I refrained from any comment about the channel killing brain cells.)  I mentioned this thread and she got a kick out of the fact that I skip commercials so as to prolong my life.

  • Looks like I need to setup
    Looks like I need to setup commercial skipping again…. Every minute counts..