Forget 3D, here comes the QD TV

Quantum Dots

OK.  Stupid headline from the Telegraph since Quantum Dots have nothing to do with 2D vs. 3D, but the content is a bit more interesting.    Sounds like the integration of QD technology will convincingly push LCD display quality past Plasma for the last group of hold outs clinging to their Pioneer Elites and poo-pooing your multi-zone backlighting (that would be me 🙂    They are claiming products will be on the shelves by the end of next year, but a few more years before you can buy QD wallpaper.

The scientists hope the first quantum dot televisions – like current flat-screen TVs, but with improved colour and thinner displays – will be available in shops by the end of next year. A flexible version is expected to take at least three years to reach the market.   

The Telegraph

While researching, I also stumbled across this cool site with a number of QD pictures.

  • Doh!  I was just getting

    Doh!  I was just getting comfortable with OLED being the tech to displace plasma.

  • I’ve been using quantum dots

    I’ve been using quantum dots for sometime now in the lab, primarily for their amazing color and resolution for targeting cellular compartments using hi-res microscopy. $$$ for a display, but my-oh-my, that would be cool!

    • We use these all the time too

      We use these all the time too for single molecule imaging of proteins. Didn’t expect to see them being incorporated into televisions.