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We don’t post many press releases because, frankly, they aren’t that interesting.  This is a definitely an exception, because as you can see from the video (don’t ask where we found it ;)) NIVEUS has created something very, very cool on top of the Windows 8 platform (OK, and Windows 7 too) supporting CableCARD (via the HDHR PRIME) and satellite with a DTCP-IP enabled STB.  This is, of course, just an announcement and there do not seem to be any OEM partners mentioned in the PR so we’ll have to see how long it takes NCP to come to market.  Check out the full release and a video after the break.


Contact: Niveus Media at 866-258-2929


Includes the “Niveus DVR”, providing PC & Tablet OEMs with a secure broadcast television solution for their Windows 8 devices.

Fremont, CA  – December 13, 2011 Niveus Media, a leader in digital media software, is excited to announce that the Niveus Connected Platform (NCP) is now available for OEM licensing on Windows 8. Available now for Windows 7, the platform is currently being evaluated by OEMs for inclusion in their 2012 products.

OEMs that are looking for a broadcast television solution to preload on their new PCs & Tablets during the Windows 8 timeframe now have a solution. The Niveus DVR and associated modules provide a rich touch interface to access & record live broadcast television from a number of television sources. Whether secure Cable from the recently released SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME, or Satellite from a DTCP-IP enabled set-top box, the Niveus DVR supports most networked sources of broadcast television.

The Niveus Connected Platform is comprised of several modules of which the OEM can select to pre-install on their new Windows 8 device. Modules include “Niveus Live TV”, the “Niveus DVR”, the “Niveus Companion” (second screen experience), and the “Niveus Guide”. These modules work in unison to provide the end user with an advanced software DVR that can be controlled via touch, remote control, or mouse & keyboard.

For OEMs that ship multiple device types, the Niveus Connected Platform can work across both PCs & Tablets to provide a seamless and unified experience. With a centralized program scheduler, and “play to” functionality, the Niveus Connected Platform enables the ultimate cross PC & Tablet experience.

Designed for compatibility with both Cable & Satellite services, the Niveus Connected Platform is built upon DLNA Interoperability Guidelines, such as CVP-NA-1 and leverages open standards such as UPnP & DTCP-IP to securely transport live TV wirelessly around the home and on to supported client devices. The NCP Device Stack provides full IP control of all supported devices allowing seamless usage and management of content sources and companion devices. NCP utilizes industry standard data encryption for all persistent content and also provides core security & APIs for accessing television recordings, an advanced Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and a rich, customizable user interface.

“With eight plus years of experience working with broadcast television on the PC, Niveus has channeled its expertise into an advanced television software pack for OEM licensing.” said Tim Cutting, CEO, Niveus. “The Niveus Connected Platform provides all the tools to provide a premium broadcast television solution on Windows 8, including support for CableCARD, ATSC, DVB-T and emerging DTCP-IP-enabled set-top boxes.”

The Niveus Connected Platform will be demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show in January with a growing list of partners to be announced during the coming weeks.

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About Niveus Media

Founded in 2003, Silicon Valley based Niveus Media, Inc. has revolutionized the aggregation, distribution and enjoyment of today’s digital media by developing innovative software and hardware solutions for the PC, Mac and Mobile Device ecosystem.

Press Contact:  Niveus Media at 866-258-2929 ext. 102

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  • Microsoft: I hope you are

    Microsoft: I hope you are watching because this is what we were all hoping for from WMC8.

  • this is the way I read the

    this is the way I read the connected platform set up:

    SD Home Run Prime–>NAS (DVR storage/buffer)–>htpc/smart television/digital media player/tablet

    So theoretically an application installed on a smart tv would be able to access the tuners and schedule a recording.  Only problem I see is that the client apps will cost a fortune.