Five Way NAS Roundup

Netwrok Hard Drive

The HTPC hobby starts out innocently enough. You hook a spare computer up to the TV in the living room, just to try it out. Next thing you know you have computers and media streamers in every room and they all need access to the same files. Early entry-level NAS devices were pretty much dumb boxes, but these days the typical NAS can offer server-like functionality and it is worthwhile considering the more advanced roles roles a NAS can fill beyond simply streaming media files.

For a small to medium-size business, one of these NAS boxes would serve the needs for daily file storage, with the bonus that nontechnical staff could set it up and start using it without professional IT help. Finally, the home market is starting to feel the need for network storage, not only for backing up multiple PCs and laptops, but also for hosting music, photos, and video, and making that media accessible even from outside the home.