Seagate EXOS X14 – 7200RPM 256MB Cache 12TB Enterprise Hard Drive

It’s interesting that you don’t hear more about the use of Seagate EXOS drives in the NAS consumer space. They have a better specifications, and warranty than Seagate’s IronWolf or SkyHawk drives, and at least when I bought them they were also cheaper.

In this video we unbox the drives, set them to 4k logical sector size, and compare performance with other disc setups.


Get logical sector size using Powershell:

Get-PhysicalDisk | sort-object SlotNumber | select SlotNumber, FriendlyName, Manufacturer, Model, PhysicalSectorSize, LogicalSectorSize | ft


Seagate SeaChest_Format:

SeaChest_Format_152_12130_64.exe --scan

SeaChest_Format_152_12130_64.exe -d DRIVEID

SeaChest_Format_152_12130_64.exe--device DRIVEID --showSupportedFormats

SeaChest_Format_152_12130_64.exe --device DRIVEID --setSectorSize 4096 --confirm this-will-erase-data