Cryo PC Alto Reviewed


Cryo PC, a custom PC builder in the UK, has a line of home theater PCs. The mid-range Alto, like all of Cryo’s PCs, can be tweaked in a variety of ways. Cryo’s list of HTPC case choices is particularly extensive. XSreviews took an Alto built in a Zalman HD503 for a spin and found a lot to write about. This first part of the review doesn’t get too deep into the HTPC testing, but part two promises more. I certainly wouldn’t mind reading a bit more about how Cryo went about passively cooling the Alto.

Media PCs and media centres are becoming more and more common, especially with people losing a little faith in their stalwart desktop system. Today I’m looking at a rig from Cryo PC that looks to bridge the gap between traditional desktop and media centre, offering decent performance in a lounge setting, with some media features thrown in for good measure. I give you the Alto.