Minerva Networks Prepping xTVFusion 5 IPTV Platform


Minerva Networks recently announced that the new version of their IPTV platform, xTVFusion 5, is now available to service providers. The big news here is that xTVFusion 5 is intended for deployment in both high-bandwidth and low-bandwidth network environments. Depending on the bandwidth the network provides, xTVFusion 5 can be adapted to provide different service options ranging from simple TV streaming up to whole-home DVR and OTT video options. I would not expect to see Minerva powering the video service of any of the big boy ISPs any time soon, but Minerva has slowly been adding smaller service providers around the world. Perhaps by targeting the niche players in the ISP market Minerva Netwroks can help prove the viability of IPTV for more wide scale deployments.

The combination of IP connectivity and new managed networks could create interesting new business models for ISPs looking to boost sales and add new services. Take Sonic.net, for instance: the broadband provider has filed a video franchise application with the California Public Utilities Commission, and is expected to launch a low-cost streaming TV offering over its existing network. With technology like xTVFusion 5, more ISPs could follow suit.