Windows 8 Build 8141 Leaks with Media Center Inside


Even before Microsoft released the Windows 8 Developer’s Preview at the Build Conference, Steven Sinofsky had let the world know that although Windows Media Center would be returning with Windows 8, we would not see it in the first pre-release builds. One of the questions that was left unanswered was whether Media Center would return in essentially the same integrated form, or would it return as a stand-alone Metro app? If a leaked copy of build 8141 of Windows 8 is any indication, Windows Media Center is going Metro. If this proves true, is this a positive move for WMC, or a sign of trouble ahead?

Microsoft’s Windows Media Center application has returned to Windows 8 in the latest pre-beta builds of the operating system.

Media Center has been spotted inside build 8141.0.winmain.111021 of Windows 8 and appears to be a standalone desktop application. 



  • Without having seen it, the

    Without having seen it, the thought of it being updated is a positive move forward in my view. At least it’s not dead, or added, in its current form, almost as an after thought to appease the lunitc fringe (that’s us). 

  • It makes perfect sense to

    It makes perfect sense to have Media Center metrofied. If they already have a good browser for pictures, music, and videos, (which they do as seen from the demoes) then all they need to do is seperate out the TV portion of Media Center and mangoy it. As far as i’m concerned, the new start menu is perfectly suited for a remote control 10′ experience.

    I’m excited for CES!

  • as a windows phone AND media

    as a windows phone AND media center user I can see the potential positives. 

    More than anything though, I wish they finally made the “softsled” capabiity a reality. Sure the xbox can continue to be their TV strategy, but at least give power users the ability to do that more elegantly using actual windows-based computers instead!

    But overall happy to just have Media Center still alive.  Maybe they’ll stick around and compete when apple/google/tvmanufacturers/etc create the market Microsft was trying to build with their superior but “victim of timing” media center.


  • Fantastic WMC metro opens so

    Fantastic WMC metro opens so many posssibilities, way to go microsoft

  • Reading around looks like

    Reading around looks like this isnt a metro app, and I read somewhere that its just the old version of media center.