DISH Hopper gets Control4 integration for smart home

Control 4 recently went public, and I’m sure this deal can only help their stock price. While it’s a bit odd, given the cost of a Control 4 system, and that Dish is the low cost satellite solution, it’s a good way for them to get their name across and possibly gain future customers.

DISH and Control4 have teamed up to integrate the Hopper HD DRV into the Control4 home automation system, spreading control of the digital video recorder across any in-wall touchscreen, remote, tablet, or smartphone used in the home. Building on DISH’s API, which the company launched back in July, the integration means that those living in a Control4-enabled smart home will be able to manage setting and playing back their recordings from third-party devices, as well as have EPG information fed into the system and displayed on other screens.