Video-On-Demand breaks transactions record in July

Good news for the internet video world, and not really all that surprising. Just look at how many television and blu-ray players now are focusing on streaming internet video, and of course the growing popularity of great shows on Hulu (ahem…Three Sheets!). I do wonder how MTV feels though about music-related content seeing the most growth…but then again they haven’t played music videos for a while now anyways.

Video Business

Consumers made a record 476 million free on-demand transactions during July. Music-related content was most popular, with 146 million transactions, accounting for 31% of the free units. Music transactions were up 17% during the month. Overall subscription transactions were up 10% during the month. Other categories that saw growth were TV, up 18%, and free on-demand kids titles, up 10%. Not only did consumers watch more on-demand content, they spent more time doing so, Rentrak said but didn’t reveal how much more time.