X10 iconRemote RF Universal Remote Review


Pretty snazzy little remote from X10, which not suprisingly works wonderfully with wireless X10 home automation devices. Of course, you will need to buy all the various X10 controllers to fully utilize this, but a lot of people have already done that. Not sure I’m ready to trade in my Harmony for this, but at only $100 it’s pretty reasonable.



There are two components of the remote that, depending on your habits, you may use more or less of. There’s the "universal remote" part of the iconRemote RF, which acts similar to the Logitech Harmony remotes in that it controls all your electronics, but it doesn’t have the fancy software programming suite to back it up. And there’s the X10 part of the remote, which acts as a wireless control—via the included wireless receiver and appliance/lamp modules—to various appliances around your house.