Sony RM-VL610 universal remote control reviewed


If you ever wanted to read a 9-page review on a $30 remote, then you’re in luck! All jokes aside, remote central knows their stuff, so if you’re on a budget and looking for a remote, this one from Sony has more buttons than you can shake a stick at. Head on over there for all nine pages of glory.


Remote Central

Obviously the perfect universal remote control doesn’t exist, and despite all its strengths the Sony RM-VL610 isn’t going to be the first. There really are a lot of tiny, identically shaped buttons, it lacks backlighting, has a small database, and has an unusual physical design that may leave some users scratching their heads on just how to put it down. But let’s not forget everything that it does right: with 8 devices and 50 ideal buttons it can control even complex A/V systems, it has enough memory to allow for complete customization, there are plenty of macros, it’s surprisingly well built… and did I mention that there are a whole lot of buttons to play with?