Over 40 Million P2P Customers Served


I’m honestly surprised the number is not larger. It’s funny that these reports seem to come out yearly, and then every year the good movies continue to shatter box office records. It is interesting to see some validity to a large portion of society shifting their TV watching to the computer…do you guys think that means HT-PC, or just laptops?


Zatz not Funny

If you’re a content owner not all hope is lost. Some are taking advantage of this huge audience by encouraging them to share their films with friends, while others are finding that if they put their content online at a reasonable price, plenty of consumers don’t have a problem with paying for it. In fact, according to Futuresource’s report, 48 – 65% of residents in the respective countries mentioned that they watch TV sometimes or a lot on their PC or laptop. This suggests as many as 200 -300 million people in these countries are consuming legal Internet content.