This is one nice looking TV! 55-inch LCD’s are definitely not the norm, and unfortunately that brings with it a hefty price tag when they do come around. But if you’re looking at that size, I’m sure you’re debating between this or a plasma, I doubt you can go wrong here. Especially when the only complaints the author found were […]

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MissingRemote Status Update – Mid-August 2009

It’s just passed the midway point in August, so I figured I would catch everyone up with what’s been going on at MissingRemote to entertain your weekend in case you missed anything. We had some fantastic reviews and guides posted by our crew: Right at the end of July, we brought in the ASRock ION-330 Nettop SFF System for review. […]

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Engadget HD Podcast 151 – 08.19.2009

Another good show. I actually caught a bit of this live yesterday and it was quite entertaining, some talks about the validity of the NFL Red Zone channel and Sunday Ticket…which after living with it all of last season, I doubt I can ever live without it again! EngadgetHD Plenty of Microsoft news this week as we just can’t stop […]

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Mitsubishi Japan goodness: World’s first TV with built-in Blu-ray recorder and HDD


Japan gets all the good stuff earlier than us folks in the US. We recently saw announcements of TV’s with blu-ray recorders, but now Mitsubishi is upping the ante by including both hard drives and recorders right into their tv’s. A bit dissapointing to see only 320gb though, maybe one could upgrade themselves?!   CrunchGear Mitsubishi Electric organized a big […]

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Clown_BD Version 0.65 Released

If you’ve been looking for more control out of your movie "backups" then you might want to learn a bit more about Clown_BD, and underappreciated but extremely useful software tool to store your movies with exactly the features you need in the format you need. They’ve got a new update available with some improvements. MediaSmart Server Clown_BD will enable you […]

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Chieftec HTPC (HT01SL) Micro ATX Case


Not a terrible looking case, but pretty much similar to what’s been done before by other companies. It’s 89 pounds, so that’s what, $150 US? Not terrible, but there’s a lot of competition at that price so I’m not sure this one stands out though. Read on for the full review. Xtreme Computing The Chieftec HT-01SL is a nice case, […]

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