Cinemar Announces New Energy Efficient Mass Storage Solution


Not a bad looking setup, and you have to appreciate the lower wattage. This is one of the great things about Linux-based systems, they can be as fast as some beefier systems yet can run efficiently on much lower requirements. Still would wait and see on some benchmarks as pricing starts at $2600.



Capable of storing up to 12 Terabytes of data, the MLD-4000 is ideal for media storage. Cinemar CTO Dave Perrico stated, "Not only did we want something that would be easily expandable as user storage space requirements grew, but we also wanted it to be extremely energy efficient. The MLD-4000 uses only 60 watts of power, each additional 1.5TB of storage adds a mere five watts. Drives not in use will sleep and conserve additional electricity." The MLD-4000 is available in 3, 6, 9 and 12TB increments. Users can expand and configure the MLD-4000 on their own through a web browser.