Mitsubishi Japan goodness: World’s first TV with built-in Blu-ray recorder and HDD


Japan gets all the good stuff earlier than us folks in the US. We recently saw announcements of TV’s with blu-ray recorders, but now Mitsubishi is upping the ante by including both hard drives and recorders right into their tv’s. A bit dissapointing to see only 320gb though, maybe one could upgrade themselves?!



Mitsubishi Electric organized a big press conference today in Tokyo, unveiling two new series of LCD TVs, three Blu-ray DVRs and a new full HD video projector. The two TVs of the BHR series are the world’s first featuring both a built-in Blu-ray recorder and an HDD. No announcements regarding release dates outside Japan were made, but here are the main details for every device, all prices and release dates and some pictures.