Ultimate Fall 2009 TV Premiere Schedule

I’m sure many of you have probably already seen this, but for those who have not this is the ultimate guide for making sure your DVR’s are full of scheduled recordings for all the new and recurring series coming up this Fall. I look forward to this list from Brent and this is about as thorough as it gets…I’m most […]

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Blu-ray Deal: Beetlejuice for $10


I loved this movie growing up. Not sure what extra features or how good the quality is on this blu-ray copy of the Tim Burton classic, but Amazon has it for only $10 right now. A pretty great deal. As always, full disclosure, buying this movie through our link does help MissingRemote out.  

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The Big Screen Gets Bigger

You know what’s funny about an article like this, nowhere does it suggest anywhere that *maybe* lowering the absurd ticket prices might have a positive effect on theater attendance. Instead, sell alcohol and have bowling alleys? Because you weren’t spending enough money when you go see a movie, it’s going to become as (if not more) expensive thank going to […]

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LG to unveil 15-inch OLED TV

Blah blah, another tiny 15 inch OLED is going to be shown off in an upcoming show by LG, but the excitement comes from word that there’s going to be a 40 inch version coming up!! Can’t wait to see how much (or how little) that thing weighs. Let’s not even ask about the price, mmmkay?!? Reuters Research firm DisplaySearch […]

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RVU Alliance Aims to Take Over Your Home

I’m not sure how I feel about this, but Adam has some interesting points about how this could all develop. My concern with this sort of "alliance" is if they develop non-open standard technologies which then give them such an advantage over competitors, which usually winds up in delivering less for consumers. TheDigitalMediaZone With the ability to stream protected HD […]

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What Happened to Escient Vision Media Servers?


Not sure the familiarity our audience has with Escient given its CEDIA-based marketplace, but they were known for developing their own linux-based movie and music ripping media servers. The interface was simple but effective, and they definitely had a following. CEPro is purely speculating here based on what they see and have heard, but who would blame them if all […]

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GBPVR New Version – 1.4.7 available


Guess this is the day for the releases of media center applications, first Media Portal and now GBPVR announces a new version with a laundry list of behind the scene improvements. Nothing much on the UI side but a very long list. Head on over to their forums for the full rundown and download instructions. GBPVR There is not a […]

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