The Big Screen Gets Bigger

You know what’s funny about an article like this, nowhere does it suggest anywhere that *maybe* lowering the absurd ticket prices might have a positive effect on theater attendance. Instead, sell alcohol and have bowling alleys? Because you weren’t spending enough money when you go see a movie, it’s going to become as (if not more) expensive thank going to a live sporting event! All this being said, yet how many box office records have been broken in the last year alone? I think they’re doing just fine.


In Europe, cinemas are taking it a step farther by remaking themselves as entertainment destinations — with bowling alleys, karaoke bars, comedy clubs and children’s play areas. Expect that here, too, as well as interior design schemes that appeal to the 18-to-24 set, and that might "dismay" the older crowd, says Toronto-based theater architect David Mesbur.