How to Fix HDMI Switching Delay


Anyone out there that is using HDMI devices together with a receiver, have your ears perked up yet just by reading the subject here? This definitely sounds like an awesome feature, which if it works would significantly improve the delay that exists today as you switch from your various HDMI-devices (which is VERY annoying). I’d wait to see a review […]

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The Top 10 Blu-ray Releases So Far This Year

An interesting look at the top Blu-ray releases this year, not necessarily by sales but what an author from High Def Digest feels are the best in general. Some quality picks here and you could do far worse than any of these. Watchmen is still on my list of must haves although I do agree with his comments. High Def […]

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The FreeTV Model Is Broken, Now Where Is the Fix?

I agree with Ben on the topic, that the free TV model isn’t going anywhere, there’s just too much money being made and viewers watching, but it’s interesting to hear some unusual takes from some of TV’s biggest honchos. Whether or not you believe it is a different story. Broadcasting Cable Carey joined a growing group of industry bigs now […]

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Cat5e Component Video/Digital Audio Extender


If you have the need to run some absurdly long high definition cables throughout your house, this may be a new option for you. Then again, if you have a house that large there’s good chances you aren’t going to be doing any of that work yourself. 🙂   Audioholics Each of the Audio Authority sets support video up to […]

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Poof! Hiding That Big-Screen TV


I keep changing my mind on how much I like the idea of hidden televisions that pop up. Last year we saw the one that came up from under your bed, which was cool, and here’s a more traditional install with the TV in the cabinet that slides up. Still not sure, but for this room it actually looks ok.  […]

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Podcast: The Custom Integrator Show Installment 017

Ian continues his non-stop release schedule of podcasts! Starting your week off right with a Custom Integrator Podcast where they are covering in-depth uPnP and DLNA technologies. TheDigitalLifestyle The Custom Integrator Show Installment 017 is live. In this one, we extend the concepts we covered with UPnP technologies and the DLNA roles out to resource-constrained network connected devices with Devices […]

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Plex 0.8.2: Silky Smooth


We recently saw some newly released plugins for the Apple HTPC-application Plex, and today comes the announcement of a new version. Still not version 1.0, but a lot of fixes in this build from 0.8.1. to 0.8.2. Head on over to the Plex blog for the full list.   Plex Blog We’ve targeted two major causes of user interface delay […]

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