How to Fix HDMI Switching Delay


Anyone out there that is using HDMI devices together with a receiver, have your ears perked up yet just by reading the subject here? This definitely sounds like an awesome feature, which if it works would significantly improve the delay that exists today as you switch from your various HDMI-devices (which is VERY annoying). I’d wait to see a review on how this works, and make sure it doesn’t break anything in the process of trying to speed things up.



Silicon Image introduced a clever semiconductor in 2008 called InstaPort that would reduce the switch time significantly. InstaPort works similarly to past products, except for one tiny change. When the input is switched and the authorization routine is complete, the transmitter stores this key in a little area with a label matching the input it came from. The next time it switches, the transmitter already has the authorization and allows the picture to display immediately.